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Radio plays:
• WNNX (Atlanta, USA) *
• WWWQ (Atlanta, USA) *
• WEND (Charlotte, USA) *
• WKQX (Chicago, USA) *
• CMIX (Detroit, USA) *
• KRBE (Houston, USA) *
• KPNT (St. Louis, USA) *
• KNDD (Seattle, USA) *
• WPLJ (New York, USA) *
• WPLY (Philadelphia, USA) *
• WDWN (New York, USA) *
• CIUT FM (Toronto, Canada)
• KRCL 90.9 FM (Utah, USA)
• Europe+ (Moscow, Russia)
• Radio Siberia
• Radio Free Abattoir 5.00
• S.C.A.R. (UK)
• Celtica Radio (UK)
• Retroforward Radio

* Airplay gained through being a finalist in the
Pontiac Vibe "Summer Sound Off" Contest

MP3.com Success:
Over 300,000 MP3 downloads including the following number 1s:

'My Mistake' (IDM)
'Genius' (Shoegazer)
'It's all for you (radio edit)' (Darkwave)
'You can't, you can' (Experimental post-rock)
'God knows' (Leftfield)
'Hugs from Katie' (Dark ambient/noise)

BBC Radio 1 (Steve Lamacq Show):
"Well-executed plaintive prog pop sung with a sweet mournful vocal..." [Link]

"the most popular ambient heavy prog pop band we've come across..." [Link]

Misnomer in the Tabloids:
The Sun and The Daily Mirror swipe photos from our website for stories about our ex-singer Becki. [Link] - [Link2]

Club play:
• Club Violaine (Los Angeles) [Link]
• Ceremony (Pittsburgh) [Link]
• Ain't Dead Yet (California) [Link]
• We Fought the Big One (Washington DC) [Link]

MakeaStar.com Industry Review of "Genius ('03)":
"Overall Score: 8.4/10 -- (Music) A wonderfully spacious and ambient setup for an explosive jaunt into the dark side of reality. This dynamic, melodically infectious track, with a killer groove and economically sound arrangement, is sure to win the approval of many a listener as well as to create a firm musical footing with potential industry execs. (Lyrics) Expressive, poignant, and ever so dark, these words create a visual experience that takes the reader directly into the scene and leaves them with a sinking heartfelt feeling, more than likely as intended. Great job. (Arrangement / Production) All sounds, tones, and their respective placement in the arrangement and the mix, have been produced in a highly creative and professional manner... (Musicianship) All performances are well written, produced and performed, and recorded. Hopefully, this is an actual group and not just a studio production, as you should stay together indefinitely. You are certainly well advanced in your chosen genre, and if you stand the test of time, should improve as with fine wine. (Marketability) As a finished and polished final master, this track and I'm assuming many others of yours, could fair quite well in the Modern Rock and Alternative markets, and do as well with your fan base online or at your live shows... (Overall) By taking the steps to give your music an undeniably polished edge, you will attract the cream of the industry crop, who will want to hold your art up high on a pedestal, rather than toss it into the amateur reject bin. Thank you for allowing me to review your work. (Zip)" [Link]

Meltdown Magazine review of 'Press Here for Release'
"5 stars -- The undisputed Massive Attack of the alternative scene, Misnomer's third album shows their most wide ranging set of influences yet. Taking in numerous vocalists along the way, they veer effortlessly from darkwave pop to leftfield electronica to acoustic balladry, weaving a unique sound that is both evocative and creepingly addictive. I think more than any other this band have the potential to break through into the mainstream, the moody sweeping synths that define their sound as at home on MTV Dance as in a darkened bedroom. Yet nothing is predictable: '6:01(Fake It)' goes from ethereal female vocals to rapping to distorted vocals more associated with power electronics. There is a sense of urgency in tracks like 'Sentence' that belies the overall ambience, yet the wealth of ideas and influences never detracts from the incredible strength of the songwriting. This is an essential release. (I Troutindrag)" [Link]

MusicReviewers.com review of "Genius ('03)"
"8.2/10 -- When one is confronted with a song title like this one, one thinks “This had better be good” and expects to be disappointed. Therefore, one is left feeling rather angry that for once the swagger is backed up by substance and the hype does not fall short of the truth. There is very little to fault here. The introduction establishes a vast yet detailed soundscape, with precise guitar work, Cure-esque bass and well-positioned synth. The production on the drums is pin-sharp. The vocal is pleasant and powerful, and the build-up is well paced. The chorus, when it comes in, is an epic powerhouse of distortion, angst and sincerity. The dynamics of the track are spot on – loud/quite, but without losing any of the integrity of the soundscape. The stereo (nice touch!) guitar feedback and the vocal harmonies intertwine to deliver a spine-shattering firestorm of music, and the outro leaves the listener feeling satisfied, but somehow guilty. I have one or two minor gripes – the second verse could perhaps use more lyrical variation and the bass drum could be a touch louder on the chorus. Overall, this track is the epitome of professionalism with excellent single potential." [Link]

A.R.R. review of 'Misnomer 2000-2003'
"Essentially a 'best of' record containing Misnomer's finest moments released between - you guessed it! - 2000 to 2003, this is a good starting point for anyone unfamiliar with the electronic group with industrial and ambient elements. With the current dominance of Linkin Park and Evanescence, it's clearly a good time for Misnomer to be playing their brand of laid-back electronic rock. 21-year-old singer Kerri-Anne Bundock displays a fine set of lungs, complimenting the electro-beats well, which is where the strong Evanescence comparison enters the equation. Whereas Evanescence is a rock band with electronic aspects, Misnomer are clearly an electronic band with some hints of rock influences, like on the soaring 'Genius', the stand-out moment with its chorus of "Where did I put my happy face?" sticking out. On every track the synths dominate the landscapes created by Yvonne Okoduwa, James Lacey and Anton Shelupanov (the official website states "Little is known about Anton's past, except that he was born in Siberia in the late 70s/early 80s" - mysterious to say the least!) but let's get back on track: the distorted vocals on 'You Can't : You Can' adds a welcome element to the dreamy vocals provided by Kerri-Anne, and chilled nature whilst 'Sentence' could almost be Kraftwork updated for the Noughties, as a European feel is felt within the dark ambience. 'My Mistake' displays lovely Aphex Twin touches in the unobtrusive rhythmic beats and calming effects, that goes one step further on 'Start The Machine Up', layering the voice samples and adding layers of dense strings. The record is very serene and composed, breaking briefly from the pattern on 'Sentence', an upbeat electro-clash of New Order and Moby with blips, strings and monotone male vocals. All in all, this is an assured and confident band, as evident during Misnomer's time at mp3.com when they had over 300,000 downloads and reaching #1 in the charts. Impressive." [Link]

Live Review of Misnomer @ The Garage (May 3rd 2004)
"It’s not often you get to experience something vastly different when you go to watch a band perform in London, but Misnomer are vastly different to most bands you would probably listen to. While most bands fail to successfully blend their many influences successfully into one, mostly ending in a mediocre set, Misnomer pull it off in style. On this particular evening, I was to witness them carry this off in a live situation for the first time. The crowd were into it from the minute the band hit the stage with their opening number. From that point onwards, the band seemed to just flow almost effortlessly through their set, romping through songs such as ‘Start the Machine Up’, and ‘You Can’t, You Can’ It’s hard to believe this band have only been around a few years. They perform with the aplomb of any major band I could think of the last 20 years. With songs such as ‘Genius, a collective mind of vivid imaginations, and the will to do so much, it’s hard not to imagine great things happening for this band if they continue the way they are today. I’m a fan of the Misnomer revolution. If you aren’t, I suggest you go check it out today. You would be hard pushed to find a band who could display their broad mindedness in music more than these guys. The music industry needs more bands like this around. They send a spark into what is otherwise a pretty dull British music scene. And boy does the scene need that spark. " - Mark Warley, formerly of FakeDIY.net

Downloads @ MP3.TV
Over 1200 Misnomer MP3 downloads in the space of six months [Link]

Luna Cafe review of 'Press Here for Release'
"...a very accomplished and original album"

Neon Promotions review of Promo CD
"Starting with the best version yet of "Genius", this Cd showcases some of the band's greatest work to date. If you are not already acquainted with these guys, then think chilled goth vibe with a dance influence and killer songs. "You Can't : You can" winds along slowly, and contrasts a distorted rap vocal with gentle, ethereal female voice - making for a quite beautiful offering. Third and final track "Target : London" is a gentle but deep song that creates a real sense of longing. A new genre has evolved - Urban post Gothic." [Link]

"Start the Machine Up"
Track of the week on Garageband.com (No.1 in the UK and No.2 in the worldwide electronic charts), Best Mood in Electronic, week of 5 Apr 2004, Potential Soundtrack in Electronic, week of 5 Apr 2004.
No. 1 in the industrial charts at Soundclick.com (30th May 2005). "The hallmark of elegant design" - Kenny Croes, GodsofMusic.com. [Link]

"My Mistake"
No.1 in the dance charts on Broadjam.com, "Track of the Day" on Garageband.com (No. 6 in the dance charts). No. 7 in the IDM charts at Soundclick.com. "The track is awesome... Really appealing because of the sublime melody and the beat" - Makeastar.com Industry Review Board. [Link]

"What You Become"
"Track of the Day" on Garageband.com (top 40 in electronic), #20 Best Female Vocals in Electronic, all-time, Best Guitars in Electronic, week of 19 Jul 2004, Best Keyboards in Electronic, week of 26 Jul 2004, Best Keyboards in Electronic, week of 2 Aug 2004, Best Melody in Electronic, week of 2 Aug 2004, Best Love Song in Electronic, week of 2 Aug 2004, Bitter Breakup Song in Electronic, week of 19 Jul 2004. No. 7 in the trip hop charts at Soundclick.com [Link]

"Turn Away"
No. 7 in the pop charts at Soundclick.com

"Fighting (on a Friday night)"
No. 2 in the electronica charts at Soundclick.com (no. 1 in Trip-Hop) - 27th September 2005

"Everything is too much"
No. 17 in the trip hop charts at Soundclick.com

"Target :: London"
"Track of the Day" on Garageband.com (electronic). [Link]

No. 13 in the unsigned charts & No. 1 in the rock charts at Soundclick.com (30th May 2005), "Track of the Day" on Garageband.com (No. 23 in the alternative charts). [Link]

"Jagged Line"
"One of the best electronica songs I've heard" - Kole McRae, Godsofmusic.com. Highest rating (1) at 1sound.com. Track of the day on Garageband.com (top 40 in electronic). [Link]

"In my waters"
No. 28 in the other alternative chart at Soundclick.com

"In and Out (instrumental)"
No. 1 in the IDM charts at Soundclick.com - 27th September 2005

"6:01 (Fake : It)"
"A beautifully constructed piece that swims into your head, begs you to flow along and haunts you as it departs" - Trevor Brown, GodsofMusic.com. No.1 in England on Broadjam.com. [Link]

"This caliber of aural sonority working is found almost exclusively among professionals" - Hunter H, GodsofMusic.com. [Link]

"Track of the Day" on Garageband.com (electronic). [Link]

"Don't Lose Yourself"
"Track of the Day" on Garageband.com (top 10 in dance).

"Press Here for Release"
"Track of the Day" on Garageband.com (top 60 in electronic). "Simply a beautiful song for such a diverse band." - David Midkiff, GodsofMusic.com. [Link]

Paul Boateng MP
"I really like your CD"

Neon Promotions review of 'Press Here for Release'
"Opening with the airy, enchanting "Jagged Line" which sees an intriguing Goth/rap/dance crossover vocal, this is a beautiful and captivating album. The epic "Fake it" builds pictures in the listeners mind, and old favourite "Genius" makes a welcome appearance - a classic track. There are acoustic moments, as on "Opium" and "Bittersweet" yet on the whole there is a strong dance element running through this post Goth act - "Nothing" displays this perfectly. Finishing up with "Press here for release" this is not so much an album as a book - listen to it from cover to cover." [Link]

Live Review of Misnomer @ "Gothic Summer 2003"
"Misnomer provide a poignant, yet often celebratory set, crossing over from Alternative/Gothic territory to a more dance influenced vibe. The songs can be dark - but inspiration is always offered. "Genius" is an absolute classic, offering a truly emotional experience to the listener - but this is no one song outfit - the tunes just keep coming, and once again the audience is spellbound. All too soon the set is at an end - but you will be hearing plenty more from these guys. A band just waiting to be massive." - Neon Promotions [Link]

The ex-Soup Dragons drummer
"This band is really growing on me. I really like 'God knows' and 'Your Own'.
Pass on my best wishes to them....although I shouldn't be encouraging the use of drum machines"

Featured 'Band of the Month' on Music.com, June 2000.
Over 5000 MP3 downloads at www.music.com

'Take November' no.1 in soundclick.com chart

Featured band on VitaminIC.com (US) - 18th July 2000

Featured tracks on Playstationmusic.com
'Your Own (JVL-metal mix)'
'Hugs From Katie'
(31st January 2001)



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