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February 2007
After a year-long sabbatical, new track "Fuck off DJ" has been released - see our MUSIC PAGE

August 2005
New track "Fighting (on a Friday night)" - see our MUSIC PAGE

July 2005
New track "If I Could" - see our MUSIC PAGE

June 2005
Misnomer featured in the N.M.E. - see our PUBLICITY PAGE

April 2005
New track "Katja" - see our MUSIC PAGE

October 2004
New track "Turn Away" - see our MUSIC PAGE

September 2004
Thanks to the people at www.mp3.tv - we've had over 1200 MP3 downloads on their site since March

August 2004
"Genius" video released. The web version can be downloaded HERE.
Courtesy of www.arppm.co.uk. Thanks to Colin (www.cobainlives.co.uk) for hosting it for us.

August 2004
Misnomer soundtrack the tourist industry DVD for the
Al Shouf Nature Reserve in Lebanon

July 2004
Misnomer track "Genius" on the setlist of Los Angeles
Nightclub Club Violaine

June 2004
The Sun and The Daily Mirror swipe pictures from our website for
this story about our ex-singer Becki, and this one.

June 2004
New track "In my waters" - see our MUSIC PAGE

May 2004
New track "What You Become" - see our MUSIC PAGE

March 2004
Featured artist at Mperia.com. Click HERE to read the interview.

March 2004
New track "Everything is too much" - see our MUSIC PAGE

January 2004
A limited edition "Misnomer: 2000-2003" CD can now be purchased from HERE! .

January 2004
Handpicked for potential radio play on Steve Lamacq's Radio 1 show. Vote for us HERE! .

December 2003
MP3.com closes. Misnomer have had their music downloaded over 300,000 times since making it available via this resource

November 2003
New track "Target :: London" - see our MUSIC PAGE .

October 2003
New track, "You Can't : You Can", has been released on mp3.com. You can download it for free from HERE! .

July 2003
Misnomer are a finalist in the Pontiac Vibe "Summer Sound Off" contest, earning airplay on twelve of the biggest radio stations in the U.S.

March 2003
The new album, "Press Here for Release", has been.... well... released! It's already getting great reviews from a number of sources (we'll post these in the near future). You can buy the album from HERE! .

October 2002
We've started work on our new album! Due to the wide-range of genres involved, we plan to use a number of guest vocalists in this recording. We'll keep you posted!

April 2002
New track "Genius" recorded at Quo Vadis studios. Available for download HERE! .

February 2001
Number 1!! Three Misnomer tracks have reached Number 1 in the Industrial, Dark Ambient and Leftfield charts on MP3.com. It’s All For You (Radio Edit) reached number 33 in the overall alternative chart, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Offspring and Dido.

January 2001
'Hugs from Katie' featured Track on Playstationmusic.com.
'Take November' featured track on Garageband.com.

December 2000
New tracks 'Half A Chance', 'Black Blood Red Snow', 'Mistake (Instrumental)' are now available from MP3.com and Ampcast.com.
Two new live tracks ('Outbreak' and 'It's All For You') recorded at our Kursaal gig are now available from MP3.com.

November 2000
Misnomer track 'You Can't, You Can' to be used in Canadian short film 'Mr Obituary' by Man Dancing Productions

October 2000
Cancer Research: All our DAM CD earnings are now being donated to the Cancer Research fund. You can buy the CDs from here.

August 2000
We've been filming with the people from NOW (Network of the World) for their MP3-TV project which will be aired in the near future.

July 2000
Featured band on VitaminIC.com (US).

June 2000
Featured band on Music.com – over 5000 mp3 downloads.

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