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"Hailing from Southend-on-Sea, Misnomer formed in 1999 primarily to experiment with new sounds and ideas. John Lacey, originally from Scotland, was working with keyboards and drum samples. After several months of defining a new genre, Electro-Punk, gigs were on the horizon and John needed a band. He needed look no further than his brother, 16-year-old James. His teenage enthusiasm and obsessions with all things "rock" added a powerful dimension to the Misnomer sound. For a band so young, they had already developed a sound lying between New Order's melodic rhythms and Radiohead's angst and power, showing a musical maturity way beyond their teenage years. After a number of successful gigs, they were developing a deservedly good reputation within the London circuit, and on the internet, where their tracks were receiving thousands of downloads a week. Russian bass player Anton was a later addition - seeing the band at a live performance, he liked the original sound and ended the night as the third Misnomer, adding his unique lyrical style to the proceedings. Dazed, a powerful all-round guitarist was initially drafted in to help fill out the "live" sound but rapidly became an integral part of the overall musical direction when the rest of the band recognised her far-reaching talent. Misnomer worked with vocalists Michelle Beazley and Becki Seddiki before Kerri-Anne Bundock joined the band and her beautiful female vocal fitted the bill perfectly. Misnomer are a rare breed; with much instrument swapping, influence sharing and rock 'n' roll shenanigans, their lazy effortless Sonic Youth class and all singing all writing style has led them to the forefront of the industry's attention. They have headlined major London venues, supported the likes of the Mystery Jets, Mel B (Spice Girls) and Chesney Hawkes in concert and achieved over 500,000 MP3 downloads of their music worldwide. The sky is most certainly the limit for them" -

source: MusicUnsigned.com

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